Big Features, Small price 

  • Dashboard - Examine your two year forecast financials at a glance, including:
    • Hedged P&L, unhedged P&L and a combined P&L
    • Historical Price Percentiles of the Milk-Feed Ratio and the individual parts
    • Charts of various Key Performance Indicators
    • 10-minutes delayed CME futures quotes
    • Dairy and agriculture news
  • Projections - Explore future projections for your milk check and feed cost.
  • Centralized Data -  Store your futures hedges, milk production, feed costs, non-feed costs, non-milk revenue, and more all in one spot.
  • Reports -
    • A budget, that updates with markets and you.
    • % hedged, by month so you know your exposure.
  • Collaborate - Add user permissions for key people in the business for an additional $10 per month for each additional user.

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