Vault For the multi-site dairy owner, the active risk manager, and the OBSESSIVe 

  • Integrations to Futures Accounts - Vault automatically stays updated with any exchange-traded activity and positions with your favorite broker(s).

  • Multi-Dairy - If you have more than one dairy farm, this functions allow you to see all your farms under one login.

  • Vault Trader - Your very own trading platform right in Vault.

  • Hypothetical Positions - Before you put a new hedge position on, test it as a hypothetical position on Price Scenarios to see how it impacts your business.

  • Custom Reports - Generate and export a custom report by mixing and matching the Vault data you want to see.

  • Ingredients - Create an even more accurate projected feed cost with custom rations.

  • Simplified CME Position Statements - Just like the name says, read all your CME position statements in plain English.


Plus of course all the Vault Lite & Vault Pro Features:

  • Dashboard - Examine your two year forecast financials at a glance.

  • Projections - Explore future projections for your milk check and feed cost.

  • Centralized Data - Store your futures hedges, milk production, feed costs, non-feed costs, non-milk revenue, and more all in one spot.

  • Reports

  • Milk Check Reconciliation - Increase your basis confidence and understanding by comparing your milk check to your Vault forecast.

  • Feeding Groups - Categorize your cows into different feeding groups to create a more accurate projected feed cost.

  • Price Scenarios - Stress test your dairy to see how it performs in different market conditions, including actual and hypothetical hedges.

  • Data Import - Get your Vault up and running faster by importing your Excel data.

  • Collaborate - Add user permissions for key people in the business for an additional $10 per month for each additional user.

This product is a great tool to track revenue and P/L in real time. Vault provides the ability to see future profit margin opportunities.
— Carson te Velde , California Dairyman