Expected Launch - Summer 2018

the power of vault for companies that work for and with dairymen

Software that offers customized help depending on who you are:

  • Processors - Harness Vault to take your forward contracting program to the next level.
    • Real-time percent hedged of all dairies.
    • Track hedging performances.
    • Forecast milk intake from producers.
  • Accountants - Go beyond looking backward at financials and help your clients strategically look forward.
    • Track and manage your entire dairy book in one location.
    • Create budgets and forecasts using the futures curve to project revenue.
    • Accurately forecast cash flow and P/L.
  • Brokers & Advisors - Let Vault help your dairies become more efficient while also using the technology to grow your business.
    • Stop trying to call highs and lows.
    • Understand your clients’ true break even.
    • Stress test a dairy’s risk with hypothetical scenarios and positions.
  • Banks - For banks with significant dairy farm portfolios, use Vault to dynamically manage your risk and gain visibility into the coming year's health.
    • Accurately forecast cash flow and P/L.
    • Reconcile your dairies' monthly hedges and understand their true break even.
    • Create budgets and stress test against hypothetical scenarios and positions.