Upgrade your Dairy Decisions with Vault

Vault Technologies empowers dairymen by providing them with the relevant data and forecasting power they need to make more informed decisions. Vault combines farm data with futures prices to create a two-year forecast for the business. We offer a data-driven road map to help achieve business goals and a forecast that evolves with the business Protect profitability with Vault Technologies, dairy decision management software by dairymen for dairymen.

USe vault to coordinate with key suppliers

    getting the key suppliers on the same page when making decisions for the business is key to success.

    • Ag banks can increase transparency and communication through Vault's platform. 
    • Co-operatives can put their pay formula into Vault so patrons can more easily understand their milk check.
    • Accountants can organize and manage historical and projected financials real-time to facilitate reporting.
    • Nutritionists can enhance their services by going beyond the cow's diet. Advise how rations affect feed costs.
    • Financial consultants can use Vault to organize and enhance decision-making and improve profits!

    Don't just take our word for it...

    Vault makes it very easy to view feed and non-feed cost and to have current markets at your fingertips. The dashboard puts everything in one spot, shows margin and hedge opportunity and makes decisions easier. ”
    — Jake Benson, Texas Dairyman

    Has your curiosity gotten the best of you? Take a peak under the hood below:

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    The Vault Blog

    Vault strives to educate its users and other dairy industry professionals, particularly dairy farmers, in the area of Capital Allocation. We believe that Capital Allocation is critical to running a sustainable dairy farm business. Included in this topic is Business Planning, Risk Management and Financing.